Thursday, 7 June 2012

heaven and earth...

So i saw this eye palette on another blog and though it was really nice and very me,its very similar to the Urban Decay Naked palette ( Which i refuse to buy as is quite expensive lol ) Its by Makeup Academy Professional MUA and it is names heaven and earth it cost me £4 which i though was a complete bargain i got it from my local superdrug. I would defiantly recommend this to everyone. I think that they are very nice tones and has a nice shimmer off all of them.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

polka dot madness

hi lovely's i got a new  No 7 red nail varnish yesterday and decided that i would spice up my nails and decided to go for red with white polka dots i have only done polka dots a few times before so just starting to get the hang of it, but as they say practice makes perfect lol.

I was also watching my little cousin Robyn all weekend so took advantage of her nails aswell, they were so small so looked super cute. i love doing new and crazy things with my nails but am not very good at it to be honest so i tend to stick with what i know but i have recently being trying out some new styles and colours so if you have any ideas or tips then feel free to share.

                                                                     Much Love
                                                                     Emmylou x

                      No 7 Stay perfect nail varnish in Devils delight 190 £7 from boots

                             Natural collection nail tip whitener about  £2.99 from boots
nail dotting tool i got from ebay 

my little cousin Robyn's matching nails 

                                                                   My polka dot nails

Monday, 21 May 2012

Where o where have you been

I no i have not been on in a few weeks but i was at my aunties staying and her internet has not been working and also have been in bed quite allot as i have had a viral infection, so not been to great over the last few weeks but slowly getting back to normal so its all good. so hopefully in the next few days im hoping to do a few posts to make up for all the weeks i haven't.

 On the plus side the weather is looking up and was roasting a few days ago so me and the family took advantage and painted the timber decking and garden furniture which took hours but was well worth it as it looks great now. since it was such a nice day and they dont come around very often we decided to have a BBQ, I am always the one to cook the food as no one else seems to have the patients for it lol but i do really enjoy it. we had home made burgers which were amazing and the kids had chicken burgers we also decided to cook some garlic bread on the BBQ it  was lovely.

so basically it was just a great day i really enjoyed my self and so did everyone else hopefully many more to come this year, summer hurry up lol

                                                              Much Love
                                                              Emmylou x


Sunday, 20 May 2012

lack of posts

Hi everyone sorry i have not posted over the last month or so there Has been allot going on with family members being ill, my laptop would not download my pictures from my SD card and so on .. the list could go on and on of things keeping me away but i am going to try and make up for it over the next few days and get things back on track hopefully. thanks for your patients.

                                                                Much Love
                                                                 Emmylou x

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Its all about the family

So yesterday was all about family, i have been staying at my aunties for a few days to spend sometime with her and my three little cousins which i do quite often, i feel like i get a little break from real life when i go to hers. (even though it is only about half an hour away lol ) My gran and four of my aunties had come to visit with there children and brought stack loads of food and stories to tell, we always have such a good time when everyone is together, mid afternoon i got bored with all the adult talk lol so decided i would go and play with my little cousins and act like a 12 year old again, which wasn't that hard as that's round about my mental age.

We ran about the garden playing tig and whats the time mister wolf until it started heavily raining.
it was such a good days, later that night when everyone had left we all sat together in the living room with duvet covers and sweets watching Puss in boots which i though was really quite good it just reminded my of my cat George and the cute kitty eyes he used to get his own way lol.

At about 9 or 10 we put my little cousin in my aunties bed with some cartoons to fall asleep so we could move her to her own bed as she wasn't feeling that great, so for some odd reason we decided to strip the wallpaper off the hall walls lol which was not much of a great idea as i come out in an itchy rash on my hand face and feet when i strip wallpaper lol so i think i might be allergic to some, so today i am feeling sorry for my self because i look like a big strawberry lol and i think i have slightly overdosed on piriton to ease the itchiness lol

i thought i would share some random pictures of my family day :)

Friday, 20 April 2012

I got my new shoes on and suddenly everything's alright

The pictures aren't the best and do them no justice sadly 

I will upload better Pictures as soon as my camera decided to start working again lol. I got these shoes from miss selfridges quite a while ago and had planned to crystal them as they were a plain nude colour and i have finally finished them yeeehhaa, i covered the bow and platform at the front in crystal, it took about 8 hours in total to finish i think it was but you have to agree it is totally worth it lol.

I just have to find a occasion worthy of them lol. That a few pairs of converse and  now these that i have crystallized and i think i have the bug for it lol stay tuned to see what else i could possible cover in crystals lol. I was thinking maybe my laptop but im not 100% sure that's a good idea and would take allot of hours and crystals but i just love Kim Kardashians Icy Couture laptop.

(Image Taken From Google)

Do you think this would would be a good idea or a terrible idea as im torn on what to do  ?

Much love 
Emmylou x  

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Am i having a Ghd ?

My brand new pair taped together :(

I love Ghds i have had so many pairs over the years i couldn't even count. What really annoys me about them is the fact that they constantly break, my new ones i got for christmas (the ones sellotaped together lol) i had taken them to the caravan with me last week and i left them on the dresser went out to the club and came back and they were snapped and almost in two parts boo!! so my friend has taped the together for the journey home so they wouldn't break anymore :(. my pink pair dont heat up very well anymore and constantly beep which is a pain in the beep lol ,my newer black pair (the ones on right) dont even switch on anymore and the other black have sparks flashing from which is scary im back to using the purple ones that aren't that great either, but what really annoys me is the fact that they want me to pay £90 i think it was to get a new outer shell on them i could buy a new pair for that price, after paying almost £200 for them at christmas its not to great. have anyone else had this many problems with there's?  i would like to try another kind of straighteners but i just dont know if they would live up to the expectation of Ghds.

Much Love 
 Emmylou x  

Whats in my everyday make- up bag ?

I love my make-up bag, its just a simple grey sequin Suzy smith bag with a pink sequin heart that i got for christmas i just think its very girly and very me and is the perfect size for my everyday make-up.

I tend to used the same make-up as i usually wear the same make-up most days unless i fancy a change or i go pubbing or clubbing.

 I got these hello kitty liberty lip balms for christmas they are really nice they look allot darker in the tin than they actually do on, I tend to put one on with a clean lip gloss and slightly pink or glittery one over it.

These are my mini benefits i like to call them lol. California kisses is a blue glittery lip gloss, i think its meant to make your teeth look whiter (Don't quote me on this i'm not 100% sure lol). High beam is a soft pink highlighter i use this mostly under my eyebrows as a kind of brightener when i feel that my make-up is looking a bit flat or lacking something.
Ooh La Lift is an under eye brightener/De-puffer that i use if my eyes are looking a bit tired and puffy.
these are all mini bottle that i have taken from my benefit sets that i no longer use as much, you should be able to buy them on there own in a bigger size bottle or tube, I heard someone say recently that they had discontinued high been (dont quote me on that either) but you should be able to find a similar one. 

 I have tried quite a few different powder of the last few years as i do use quite allot of it and this has to be my favorite so far its max factor bronzing powder in 01 Golden, it is quite dark and a little bit sparkly so i try not to use to much, you can buy it in most boots or superdrug  its about £6.99. I also sometimes use collection 2000  mosaic glow in golden and i thought that was really good aswell it was only about £3 so a much cheaper alternative and also you could buy that in most superdrug or boots stores.

i think that Bourjois Little round pot Blush In 48 Cendre de rose brune is such a lovely blusher i really like the pot you get it in and i think the little brush is perfect for putting it on, it smells sweet like old fashioned make- up and has a slight smell of roses i would say it has a nice glow when you put it on, i really like it and would buy any other one. i got it from boots and cost me £5.49

I got Rimmel special eyes Precision eye liner pencil in 16 Black Magic when i went to Edinburgh for new year and had left my eye liner at home, The local superdrug never had a Bourjois stand so i got rimmel instead, i dont think it works as well as the Bourjois as it didn't go on aswell or last as long but its hand to have.its cost me £2.99 so not to bad.
Bourjois Khole & Contour Eye liner  in 01 Noir Expert has got to be my favorite eye liner i find that it goes on well and is very flexible to play around with other styles, it cost about £4.16 and is well worth it. I prefer the eye pencil to the liquid eye liner as im not very good at applying the liquid and end up with it all over my face lol. 

I love The collection 2000 Skyscraper waterproof mascara In 17 Black i feel that it goes on really well and gives you a slight fake eyelash look i used to wear false eyelashes all the time dont dont feel like i need them as much now that i used this mascara, its from boots and cost £4.99.
Max factor Masterpiece Max mascara i actually got from a free set from boots at christmas i had bought my mum a make up set and got a box of free goodies with it, I like to wear it when i dont have much make up on as i feel that its not to over powering and can look quite natural. You can get a full size mascara from boots for £9.99. 

These are my everyday eye Make-up brushes i use.The top black one is a straight black mac brush in 212 i tend to use that to apply eyeliner on the lid or for a slight colour under my eye lashes, My white and gold hello kitty brush i got with my hello kitty eye shadow set that i got for my christmas it has a fluffy brush at one side and a harder sponge at the other i used the fluffy side for blending mostly and the sponge for applying eye shadow to the inner corner of my eyes. The third brush is my Ruby & Millie Brush that i use to apply my eye shadow to my full eye lid, My Ruby & Millie angled brush i use to add darker colour to my eye lid crease before i blend. I Got my Ruby & Millie brushed as part of a make-up brush set i got from boots a few years ago, but im sure you should be able to buy them separate. 

These are my Hello kitty liberty eye shadow set i got with my gold and white brush for christmas, they are in beautiful colourful pots and are really pretty, they are in the colours cream,nude & charcoal.

 This is a eye shadow set i got from boots it is Rimmel London Colour Rush Quad in 002 Smokey Burn, I love the natural brown shades and think that it gives a glowing natural look, i tend to use the golden bronze shade for all over my lid then the dark brown for my crease and the lightest cream for my inner corner it cost about £6.60.
I Have trouble finding foundation that i like they are usually to runny or to thick for my face but i think this is just the right mix its max factor lasting performance foundation in 105 Soft beige, i think it just covers my face so well it is a little heavy so wouldn't recommend it if you dont wear that much make-up i got it from boots and was around £9.99.

This Barry M Dazzle dust i got from boots, i love how you can get them in so many colours this shade is 024 is a gold/bronze glitter eyeshadow. I tend to wet my brush slightly before putting it on as it goes a bit thicker into a paste almost and i feel that it stands out more its a really lovely colour once its on a kind of reminds me of holiday as it has that glow coming from it. i got mine from boots for around £4.50 

You cant have a make-up bag with out tweezers lol i love these tweezers as they are just so girly and cute, they are pink and purple and have a picture of a girl with a skate board on them, i got them as a present a few years ago and have been checking all the shops for them ever since, i like to carry tweezers because you never no when they will come in handy.

i Got this No 17  Va Va Voom in shade So Buff Pumping lip gloss from boots a few weeks ago i loved how shimmery it was, The only thing i dont like about pumping lip gloss is the slight tingle you get when you first put it on, i have quite big lips so tend not to need it, But i loved the colour of this so i though i would give it a try. its really nice on its a sort of bronze/natural colour with a little sparkle. I got it from boots and cost around £3.79.

I love my Urban Decay Big Buddha Brush , its huge so is easy to apply bronzer all over the face and neck and its just so much easier,i have had a few of this and will continue to as long as i can find them lol  i dont think you can get it in the shops any more as i have been trying to get a new one but cant see them, but i will hunt one down on line lol am sure it cost me about between £14- £20.

I am in no way a make-up expert or have any real clue about make-up lol but i just thought i would share with you what i have in my make-up bag as i really enjoy when other blogger do so. this is my first blog about make up so go easy on me lol. Any advice for me or ideas would be kindly appreciated.

What do you have in your make-up bag ?

Much Love 
Emmylou x