Thursday, 19 April 2012

Am i having a Ghd ?

My brand new pair taped together :(

I love Ghds i have had so many pairs over the years i couldn't even count. What really annoys me about them is the fact that they constantly break, my new ones i got for christmas (the ones sellotaped together lol) i had taken them to the caravan with me last week and i left them on the dresser went out to the club and came back and they were snapped and almost in two parts boo!! so my friend has taped the together for the journey home so they wouldn't break anymore :(. my pink pair dont heat up very well anymore and constantly beep which is a pain in the beep lol ,my newer black pair (the ones on right) dont even switch on anymore and the other black have sparks flashing from which is scary im back to using the purple ones that aren't that great either, but what really annoys me is the fact that they want me to pay £90 i think it was to get a new outer shell on them i could buy a new pair for that price, after paying almost £200 for them at christmas its not to great. have anyone else had this many problems with there's?  i would like to try another kind of straighteners but i just dont know if they would live up to the expectation of Ghds.

Much Love 
 Emmylou x  


Chelsea Yates said...

I do agree! And there's no heat control annoying!
Although I did stand on my last pair so that one probs is my fault ops :) xxxx

Haylee Mae said...

Aw sucks they break a lot..

I don't use straighteners (my curly hair does not straighten lol) so luckily I don't have to deal with the problems of them :P


xristina said...

I have the first on the left for years and it's pretty new....,and i use it i lucky?,lol

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Too bad they break all the time, but other then that you like them?! I her Chia's are great!

Emmy Lou x said...

Im very Unlucky With them i guess lol
my hair is quite curly but looks a terrible frizzy if i dont straighten it lol, yeah i love them that's why i keep going back to them lol

Much love
Emmylou x

ayesha x said...

Hey there!
Every time my GHD has problems I send them a letter telling them what's wrong, and I have a 2 year warranty on them so I send it back to them and they usually give me a brand new one. I don't want to get your hopes up high just in case it's not applicable to you, but find out! xx