Sunday, 22 April 2012

Its all about the family

So yesterday was all about family, i have been staying at my aunties for a few days to spend sometime with her and my three little cousins which i do quite often, i feel like i get a little break from real life when i go to hers. (even though it is only about half an hour away lol ) My gran and four of my aunties had come to visit with there children and brought stack loads of food and stories to tell, we always have such a good time when everyone is together, mid afternoon i got bored with all the adult talk lol so decided i would go and play with my little cousins and act like a 12 year old again, which wasn't that hard as that's round about my mental age.

We ran about the garden playing tig and whats the time mister wolf until it started heavily raining.
it was such a good days, later that night when everyone had left we all sat together in the living room with duvet covers and sweets watching Puss in boots which i though was really quite good it just reminded my of my cat George and the cute kitty eyes he used to get his own way lol.

At about 9 or 10 we put my little cousin in my aunties bed with some cartoons to fall asleep so we could move her to her own bed as she wasn't feeling that great, so for some odd reason we decided to strip the wallpaper off the hall walls lol which was not much of a great idea as i come out in an itchy rash on my hand face and feet when i strip wallpaper lol so i think i might be allergic to some, so today i am feeling sorry for my self because i look like a big strawberry lol and i think i have slightly overdosed on piriton to ease the itchiness lol

i thought i would share some random pictures of my family day :)


Anna Brain said...

Beautiful photos!! :)

ayesha x said...

Love the photo of your dog, sooo cute!

Bethan said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, sorry it took me so long to get back to you!
To make the tiled posts I use this site - it does it all for you!
Hope thats helpful, and I love your blog :) x

Jenny Rosso said...

great post! you have an adorable dog :)
would love it if you would check out blog and hopefully follow x