Monday, 21 May 2012

Where o where have you been

I no i have not been on in a few weeks but i was at my aunties staying and her internet has not been working and also have been in bed quite allot as i have had a viral infection, so not been to great over the last few weeks but slowly getting back to normal so its all good. so hopefully in the next few days im hoping to do a few posts to make up for all the weeks i haven't.

 On the plus side the weather is looking up and was roasting a few days ago so me and the family took advantage and painted the timber decking and garden furniture which took hours but was well worth it as it looks great now. since it was such a nice day and they dont come around very often we decided to have a BBQ, I am always the one to cook the food as no one else seems to have the patients for it lol but i do really enjoy it. we had home made burgers which were amazing and the kids had chicken burgers we also decided to cook some garlic bread on the BBQ it  was lovely.

so basically it was just a great day i really enjoyed my self and so did everyone else hopefully many more to come this year, summer hurry up lol

                                                              Much Love
                                                              Emmylou x


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