My Fav 's

My Favorite bangle.

I bought this bangle back in 2008 on the plane on my way back from New York, i just fell in love with it instantly. i thought it looked so unique (even thought i bought it on a plane and there was probably hundreds made lol ) and i felt like it meant allot to me as my gran died from breast cancer so i have hundreds of tickled pink ribbons everywhere lol i just think its so pretty and have only wore it a handful of times as am scared to break it or even loose it. It has a Russian doll like charm, a Buddha, Elephant, Four leaf clover, Coin, Heart, Hand and a Tickled pink ribbon and also a pink bow with pink ribbon written on it.

My Favorite Birthday..

This is one of my favorite Picture. Me and my mum made these fairy cakes for my 20Th birthday instead of a cake, it was so much fun we had a great time making them and they turned out so pretty. We just made a normal packet of fairy cake mix and three tubes of icing yellow,white and pink we went mad and just put what ever design came into our heads lol then topped them off with flowers and glitter sprinkles. I think we are going to make this our new tradition instead of buying a cake as its much more personal and fun.

My Favorite animals ...


Henri my girly 

                                                             George my guy

My two favorite animals are of course my Pair of two year old brown tabby cats George and Henri, I got them when they were 6 weeks old, i feel like iv had them forever. George is the boss of the house he is so moody and very talkative always answers you back lol he loves nothing more than tea and super noodles lol. Henri is allot quieter and quite shy, she loves getting rubbed and loves to brush again the hair brush as i brush my hair lol her favorite spot is sleeping on my pillows, she will do anything for some tuna lol.Sometimes i notice my self talking to them and think to my self oh god am turning in to a cat lady lol.
but there just too damn cute not to lol :).

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